"Teaching a Child not to step on a Caterpillar is as beneficial to the Child as it is to the Caterpillar"  Bradley Miller

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   Seward Animal Shelter


 The Seward Animal Shelter is a municipal animal shelter for the City of Seward.  Our goal is to have a community full of healthy, happy pets living with loving and responsible humans.  We provide emergency animal control services 24 hours a day, enforce animal related city ordinances and patrol the city for stray dogs.  The shelter temporarily homes impounded animals as well as animals available for adoption.  We have informational literature and books on behavioral problems, training tips and pet care.  We invite you to stop in for a visit with the animals and staff, take a shelter dog for a walk along the beach or groom a cat...

...and maybe meet your new best friend.

Are you looking for handy animal trapping tips? Vist for tips that can save you time and money when it comes to removing pesky critters!

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Contribute to the solution.

Small choices make big impact.

Spay and neuter your pets.

Learn more at the Seward Animal Shelter.


What can teens do to fight animal cruelty?

Take a look at tips from The
Humane Society of the United States -

watch the music video!

Shelter Hours Are Generally:

Tuesday 12-5 pm

Wednesday-Saturday 10:00am- 4:00 pm,

and by appointment as needed.

Since we also respond to animal control issues we may be away from the shelter during business hours, leave us a message at  224-7495 or come again later. 

For emergencies call Seward Police Dispatch at 224-3338. 




Saves Lives!  Spay, neuter and adopt homeless pets!